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My Story

My name is Eva and before anything else, I admit it - I truly love being active, adventurous and feel alive every day. So, yes, you could say, it is easy for me to stay healthy and feel good. Well, partially this is true, but this is also the reason why in my past, I have felt anxious many times when I haven't moved (which translated as - haven't done any sports) enough for my self created standards. This patterns made me feel I am not enough and that I don't deserve to enjoy life so much if I do not suffer some.  Such a terrible way to live I would say today. The most interesting fact is that there was not much missing in my life at the time outwardly. Only after years I have recognised I have been in a cycle of fear that if I loose control over my body, my mind, my life in general, It will all fall apart. But the truth is - when I loosened up that control - life began to turn itself around. 


I have been practicing all sorts of sports during my whole life. From horseback riding, jazz ballet dancing, surfing, MTB biking to freeride snowboarding and skiing. As a licensed snowboard instructor I have always found joy in teaching others how to take first steps on board and actually enjoy their ride. In my mid twenties my outlook on life itself and how I do things completely changed when I discovered the world of yoga. At first, yoga meant rebuilding my outer strength after the injury and finding core balance through breathing techniques. But soon enough it brought a whole new perspective on how to deal with any difficult life situation through meditation and consistent practice of asanas. Yoga helped me grow in so many layers that I can not even imagine how would it be if I wouldn't find it. Or better to say - it wouldn't find me. 


With around 15 years of experience in practicing different styles of yoga, 10+ years experiences in teaching (in Slovenia, France and Spain) and RYS 500 yoga alliance certificate, I am still  constantly developing my own teaching techniques but also learning from other world’s best-known yoga teachers (Shiva Rea, David Swenson, Simon Park,...) by attending different workshops and conferences all around the world. 


Through this platform and events ATMAPREMA organises, I want to share some of my ideas and ideas of some of the greatest thinkers about how to create a better everyday life with cultivating a growth mindset. I incorporate my ideas into every yoga and meditation teaching I hold, into tutoring about healthy & adventurous lifestyle and into creating more loving, trustworthy bonds with your family/partners/coworkers.


Building and maintaining great relationships for me is the most important thing in life - but it all starts with ME and YOU, a relationship WE all have within ourselves. A growth mindset is then only a tool that enables us to become real hackers for great, ever-growing relationships.

Welcome to the circle of authentic, bold, soulful and awakened community that blazes like a warm fire!



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