My Story

My name is Eva and my grandmother used to say to me when I was younger, that in order to be happy, you have to feel warm, so wear warm clothes, shower under hot water, warm yourself next to the fire,...and happiness will become inevitable :)

As I grew older, actually most of those suggestions still kind of made me happy. But after a while, I got to a point when her words resonated in a different way and another dimension of warmth as happiness came to life in my understanding. If you blaze like a warm fire it means your inner fire burns fiercely, brightly...and if you embrace the burning process, you can experience more profound happiness, for sure. And this happiness is determined by the way your mind is wired.

Since my youngest days, I have always loved studying, exploring the psychological hacks that prevent you from living as your potential best self (with “best” meaning your authentic best self). On the other hand, my love for adrenaline sports and passion for active life, always led me to live boldly, courageously, believing in my own authenticity. That, of course, doesn't mean sometimes you do not experience great fear, but it means you know how to handle and embrace fear, take fear as your friend, rather than your enemy. And learning this is not easy, it takes one sensible, persistent human :)  

So, my love for cognitive psychology, behavioural economics and on the other hand a great dedication to two of the greatest tools for the monkey mind - yoga and meditation, led me to a decision that I NEED to help others to live a bit more bolder, authentic and open minded life. Staying YOU, but inviting yourself to grow through what you go through, changing your reality if something feels like you need that extra push to be a better version of YOU.

I have been a lifelong researcher of how to cultivate the growth mindset, how to use the comfort zone to go out of it and not get stuck inside of it. I am a fully certified teacher (and forever student :) ) of HATHA, VINYASA & POWER yoga and several kinds of MEDITATION techniques, been professionally involved in sports and on the other hand, have taken several roles in business environments that stress out the importance of a growth mindset in all terms. Growth mindset is a mindset focused on growth in EVERY process of life. There is a strong belief that different skills can always be developed no matter the stage (or age) of life your are in - through persistent work, constant curiosity, fast adaptation to changes, disruptive thinking and much more.

Through this platform and events ATMAPREMA organises, I want to share some of my ideas and ideas of some of the greatest thinkers about how to create a better everyday life with cultivating a growth mindset. I incorporate my ideas into every yoga and meditation teaching I hold, into tutoring about healthy & adventurous lifestyle and into creating more loving, trustworthy bonds with your family/partners/coworkers.

Building and maintaining great relationships for me is the most important thing in life - but it all starts with ME and YOU, a relationship WE all have within ourselves. A growth mindset is then only a tool that enables us to become real hackers for great, ever-growing relationships.

Welcome to the circle of authentic, bold, soulful and awakened community that blazes like a warm fire!