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There comes a moment in life when you simply know there is no turning back from not having wellbeing as a top priority for yourself. And what wellbeing really is for you? Take a few breaths to answer it. We may all have slightly different answers but I bet the one is same on everyones list: be healthy and feel good in and out of your body.​For a number of reasons, "healthy" has become a buzz word for several wellness providers and sometimes is tricky to know what "healthy" really means objectively. This is not a place offering another recipe for being "healthy". It is a place offering support for you to create more time and space to get in touch with your body and inner self on a deeper level.​Are you ready to explore your own wellbeing and feel more balanced in and out?

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Anyhow, in sanskrit, Atma Prema means unconditional love of self. You could interpret this as one’s own well-being and or happiness. Yet, to be exact and bring about full clarity, Atma prema is the love of the essential self, the essence of self, not the ego self, it is through this ‘self’ that we are all connected.


We so often look for validation, acceptance and of course, joy in all the wrong places. Instead of looking outward, we need to look inward. This is where we can create center for the true lasting meaning.

ATMAPREMA yoga practices have one main aim - to connect you with your inner strength, build up an emotional stability and pour in some lightness into your everyday life to reduce your stress levels.

They are a combination of playful, creative movements, full of stillness in motion. Their second important aim is to teach you about how to get more in touch with yourself and your emotions. Through sensual movement, and physical touch, you are able to free yourself from judgement, negative self-image.


  • are physically active;

  • include different styles from HATHA, VINYASA and POWER yoga;

  • every class is a bit differently structured, so you can always learn something new (meditative techniques, breathing practices and body movements);

  • are meant to increase your wellbeing, improve your mobility, help you recover better from possible past injuries and most of all, level up your physical strength;

  • help you explore your inner self and cultivate the tools to better deal with stress factors;

  • are suited for everyone from complete beginners to intermediates;

  • are held in SLOVENIAN and/or ENGLISH language.

Yoga group sessions


Anti stress Yoga in the office


Private Yoga Classes at your home


Private Yoga in the studio



TYPE OF PRACTICE: Completely the same approach that it is in the Individualised classes at your home. We take the same approach and you get the same out of the practice as at home, but under the roof of a professional yoga studio. 

FOR WHO: Everyone that wants a completely customised yoga practice specific for their needs (according to lifestyle, possible after injury rehabilitation practice, other specific health oriented states, ...). Everyone that wants to practice in the real yoga studio, but under their own terms. 

WHERE & WHEN: At the Studio. On demand and due to availability.

PRICE: 70 EUR per session.

*If you want to receive a digital, personal workbook together with the practice, you get a 15% of discount on a package of 5 classes.


TYPE OF PRACTICE: The main focus of this practice is to help you get the most out of an individualised approach, by wrapped around the comfort of your home. Together with a practice, for a cherry on the top, we prepare a customised, digital workbook for you to continue with the practice, give you some ideas on the tools how to create a growth mindset and add on suggestions for some delicious, veggie meals. 
FOR WHO: Everyone that wants a completely customised yoga practice, specific for their needs (according to lifestyle, possible after injury rehabilitation practice, other specific health oriented states,...)
WHERE & WHEN: Its meant to be an early morning or afternoon practice at your home. Details discussed when requested.
PRICE: 100 EUR / session (for those living in Ljubljana or very near it).


TYPE OF PRACTICE: The main focus of the practice is to release the back tensions and minimise overall body stiffness, which is a result of long, sitting hours behind your working desk. But before that, we make a customised plan of practices, so you adapt them to your working hours, business dynamic and other factors. 
FOR WHO: for anyone, wanting to improve their healthy, work-life habits and don't want to loose time by going to the studio and want to have a group or individual practice at the office.
WHERE & WHEN: In your office ground. All other details discussed when the request is sent. 
PRICE: From 100 EUR/session (1h 15min) for up to 4 attendees.


TYPE OF PRACTICE: Active group (up to 10 people max.) practice, with the creative body movement sequences (that also include a few Functional training fragments in between), so that you can not get used to same practice too much. The focus is to help you develop physical strength and improve your mobility. No matter if you sit a lot or if you are a very sporty person, we all need to work on strength and mobility on a weekly basis. Meditation for sharpening your spirit and breathing practices for a better stress relief are included. You can expect some great music with and at the end - an energised, revitalised YOU :)
FOR WHO: for everyone wanting more calmness and self-centredness, but wants to establish this with more dynamic kind of practice.
WHERE & WHEN: Once per week for  75min at the Studio
PRICE: The price is per semester (4 months) and is 300 EUR. If you start in between in the semester, the price lowers. You can pay in two instalments.

Yoga Mat and Straps
Child's Pose
Head Stand Pose


Having about 15 years of experiences in practicing different yoga styles and 6 + years of actively teaching yoga classes in France, Spain and Slovenia, on the other hand - several years of experiences in managing and leading different PR & Content marketing projects in high demanding business environments, organising corporate events and most of all - learning and tutoring about cultivating the growth mindset...I decided to follow my passion of organising LIFESTYLE EVENTS, with a mission to EMPOWER you to get your mind in shape. How? By introducing or deepening your knowledge on what it really means to have a growth mindset (which is a first stepping stone for a more content life in all terms), what does it take to create it and what tools do you need for it. 

ATMAPREMA specialises in organising  events/workshops for companies/families/other closed groups that want to deepen their inter connections, improve relationships through growth mindset to live and perform better in professional and personal lives. We organise both - public events/workshops, opened for anyone to join and personalised, fit to your needs, closed events/workshops.

Why would you attend or organise a lifestyle change event? 

You need a sort of a "team building" event that will equip you and all those you care about with tools for:

  • better day to day stress management;

  • establishing more self awareness;

  • developing particular skills to improve your interpersonal relationships via non aggressive communication;

  • living a life with more compassion and emotional intelligence.

What can you expect from ATMAPREMA lifestyle change events?

You can expect events that enlighten your lives from the inside out, give you a fresh new perspective on many major life questions and deepen your relationships - with your own self and others that matter to you, the ones you value the most. Just a few topics you will explore on our workshops:

  • how to use the practical principles of mindfulness in communication, become a better listener and conflict resolver;

  • develop skills to better handle stressful situations (yoga breathing techniques, stress relieving body postures, visualisation techniques);

  • how to handle strong, negative emotions to prevent the negative effects in your personal/professional environment;

  • how to help/give insights others you care about to bring out the best of themselves in their lives and to empower them to BE and CREATE better interpersonal relationships.

Who are our mentors/facilitators on events/workshops?

We invite and tightly cooperate with some of the greatest, most insightful people (facilitators) from the region, leading their way in the areas of personal growth, disruptive business development, spiritual empowerment, yoga and meditation. They are people with a growth mindset, putting their best effort in creating a better world, a world of awakened humankind.

Together with every announcement of the workshop we announce the programe and all facilitators. 

Feel free to contact us for more information. Thank you and Namaste :)

Yoga for personal development

“Change your thoughts and you change the world”

Norman Vincent Peale

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