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Yoga, sports and men

As I have always been into sports my whole life and consider myself to be the one that needs to be active as much as I can be, it still surprises me, how many people still don't understand the concept of "being in touch" with their "HOW" they do sports and have a decent control over their bodies. This is where the concept of YOGA comes in. Many times I get a question from future practitioners and just recently when I was asked this same question for one more time - I decided to openly say a few words about it 📷:) The question is "Is yoga a real workout or is it a practice for those spiritual people, who believe they can change their life only by breathing and meditating?"

Yoga is NOT a sport but it is a practice for body and mind WELLNESS, it is the greatest tool for those who do various sports on a regular basis OR they don't do it at all. Why? Yoga is not looking for ACHIEVEMENTS for time, strength, endurance. The goal is psychological and physical strengthening to perform better in everyday life (including in sports and any other activity), on the other hand its goal is relaxation of the human organism, self awareness, growth and development. The main aim is to fully energize the body, to clear the energy channels in order to let the vital energy flow.

Unfortunately many people have lost/are loosing their touch with their body and spirit (sometimes even don't knowing it!), doing "more and more" in all aspects of life, forgetting about how important it is to centre themselves first by being more mindful and know how to take control over the use of their bodies and of course, minds. I completely understand that we are ALL different, some are driven to get accomplishments, to compete, to breathe themselves out with physical workout....and that is perfectly fine! IF! If one fine day they wouldn't feel more stressed, more exhausted and most of all, found out they are on a way to OVERWORK. Physically and mentally. Because this happens, when you don't know the difference between DOING too much BEING too less. This is something that we, yoga teachers are supposed to give out to the people - the best KNOWING HOW to treat your body and your mind to WORK for YOU and not to let the body and mind take CONTROL over YOU. That is why I believe YOGA is a SYSTEM of different approaches to the OVERALL WELLNESS. There is no great PHYSICAL practice without MINDFUL APPROACH to it. Without UNDERSTANDING the USE of BREATHING and CALMING the MIND. You may be a sports professional (as I was once too) or just someone who needs to work on their body strength or flexibility - YOGA will give you an aspect of how to reach your personal potential with UNDERSTANDING that sometimes less is more or more is more with more mindful, less extreme approach to practice and of course, living. Knowing your limits, being more in touch with them, gives you a healthy chance to explore them and break through them. Peace out.

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